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[does corn belong to vegetable? ] – of effect of _ of _ nutrition value

Article introduction

Corn is our country’s very main grain crop, believe everybody has an experience that has corn, be in different place, the kind of people appellation corn is different, call maize again for instance, northern region calls maize to wait a moment again, the nutrition of corn is very complete1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Of the face, contain a lot ofstarch and carbohydrate for instance, still contain a variety of microelement, eating a few corn more appropriately at ordinary times is very good, so whether does corn belong to greengrocery?

Does corn belong to vegetable?

Does corn belong to vegetable?

Corn basically is grain crop, but have among them occupy eat corn than very small one part delicacy (also call vegetable corn, fruit corn1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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) should belong to vegetable, main type has sweet corn, glutinous corn, bamboo shoot corn, these corn also are as standard of living rise, the area is larger and larger.

Does corn belong to vegetable?

Not be

1, configuration feature

1) annual lofty and herbaceous. Stalk is erect, normally not ramose, tall 1-4 rice, base the ministry provides gas each to give birth to prop root.

2) leaf sheath provides horizontal arteries and veins; Foliaceous tongue film is qualitative, grow about 2 millimeter; Blade is compressed and wide, linear wrap around needle form, base ministry circle submits ear form, do not have wool or provide defect fluff, midrib is brawny, the brim is small coarse.

3) very unripe male panicle is large, between main shaft and racemose axis and its armpit all by fine fluff; Male spicule twin, be as long as 1 centimeter, spicule handle one long, grow 1-2 millimeter and 2-4 millimeter respectively, by fine fluff; Two clever wait nearly long, film is qualitative, provide 10 arteries and veins about, by cilium; Fu is reached outside inside Fu transparent film is qualitative, a bit short Yu Ying; Antheral orange yellow; Grow about 5 millimeter.

4) female flower foreword is luxurianted by the scabbard shape of most bounty a place bag1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Tibet; Female spicule twin, on the foreword rod that even if travel platoon rank is brawny,becomes 16-30, two clever wait long, wide, without arteries and veins, provide cilium; Fu is reached outside inside Fu transparent film is qualitative, pistil is provided extremely long and the line form style of slim and fragile. Globose or caryopsis is flat globose, show after maturity clever piece with Fu piece besides, its size differs along with unripe chief condition generation difference, grow 5-10 millimeter commonly, wide skip over grows at its, embryo grows the 1/2-2/3 that is caryopsis.

Does corn belong to vegetable?

5) chromosome 2n=20, 40, 80 (SarmaetSharma, 1986; Molina, 1986) .

2, distributinging limits

Corn is originated in formerly in South America. World each district all has now help advance somebody’s career. Basically distributing in 30 °- – between the latitude of 50 ° . Help advance somebody’s career the area is most is the United States1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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, China, Brazil, Mexico, south Africa, India and Romania. National jadeForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Rice basically produces a division is northeast, Hua Beihe southwest and a mountainous area.

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