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[the effect of cobra flesh and contraindication] – of note of _ advantage _

Article introduction

Everybody knows, cobra is a kind of serpent that has virulent sex, in be being bitten by cobra later very possible meeting brings deadly menace to the person. But actually, although the noxiousness of cobra is very strong, but going besides cobra body after the material of embedded poison, cobra also is OK of edible, and the flesh of cobra is qualitative delicious, nutrition is rich, still have very high officinal value. So, what do the effect of cobra flesh and contraindication have?

 The effect of cobra flesh and contraindication

The effect of cobra

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Hind, lukewarm and flavour salty sex is poisonous, can enter liver classics and kidney classics, it is one kind can go wind is dividedShanghai Long Feng forum

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Wet with subsidence of a swelling acetanilide, more can the Chinese traditional medicine of stimulate the circulation of the blood and cause the muscles and joints to relax material,

 The effect of cobra flesh and contraindication

The action of cobra

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1, to neurological action

Cobra is right of the mankind neurological have apparent effect, what the toxin that it contains can affect the mankind directly is neurological with nerve function, the nerve that can let people appears excitement is paralytic perhaps, serious when because breathe to stop and die,can bring about human body. Additional, people is many when edible cobra, still can make its toxin direct action at nerve ending, 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Can let human body appear apparent toxic response.

2, the action to circulatory system

The body circulatory system to the mankind also has cobra to be made apparentlyLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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With, especially the toxin that it contains is in after entering human body, can bring about sex of the hemolysis inside human body to increase, and can make the blood capillary inside human body outspread, circular blood quantity decreases, at this moment heart function can drop, serious person can appear heart failure and arrhythmia, and the demote below blood pressure a variety of undesirable symptoms.

 The effect of cobra flesh and contraindication

3, the action to blood

Cobra still has apparent effect to the blood of human body, it can make the red blood cell in human body blood and haemoglobin scale maladjusted, and the haemolysis function that can invite human body increases, can make the blood sugar inside the body apparent drop, leucocyte amount decreases quickly. The toxin that cobra contains is in after entering human body blood, still can follow bloodShanghai night net

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Fast loop differs to the body place, can let human body appear serious toxic symptom.

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