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Article introduction

China is to produce tea big country, also be to drink tea big country. The sort of tea is particularly much, after buying tea at ordinary times, this involves the issue of memory, in memory tea when must notice ventilated, want to note temperature, avoid tea occurrence metamorphism to become moldy etc. Tea can choose violet arenaceous canister or metal can will save, the effect is pretty good. We understand tea to had been installed with what jar below.

Tea has been installed with what jar

Tea has been installed with what jar

1, violet arenaceous canister

Suit saved tea: Black tea kind, black tea kind.

Tea has been installed with what jar

Advantage: Permeability tall, modelling is beautiful.

Defect: Brittle, hold space, price opposite taller.

Proposal: Because violet arenaceous canister is fire production, often contain the flavor after baked wheaten cake, suggest to be handled first. New redemptive violet arenaceous canister has clear water inside and outside to washFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Clean hind a week of bubble of the leach that put Qing Dynasty (need to change water) , come in the insolate below the sun next fully dry, cool finally put 2 days. After such processing do not have peculiar smell basically, can use put tea.

Processing hind still has peculiar smell, needing a consideration isShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Deny the problem of violet arenaceous canister, handle through chemistry for example, either pure violet arenaceous raw material. Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The terrine also can save black tea and black tea, sealing is general, it is better to prevent smooth, moistureproof sex. But the biggest drawback is not durable, brittle, suit more play view and admire.

2, metal can

Suit saved tea: If be stannic canister, multi-purpose at green tea, green tea, yellow tea deposit, but change easilyLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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If form; is iron canister, basic what tea suits. Sealing is general, the performance that prevent light is better, but moistureproof sex is poorer, as the elapse of time, have rusty risk. Rare tea does not suggest to use iron canister to save.

Advantage: Sealing is good, carry convenient, it is the family is deposited a few drinkable tea and go out use good option.

Defect: Suffer outside ambient the impact is big, heat insolation is poor, tea of high temperature attaint is caused very easily below unware circumstance. Sealed go against late ferment tea (Pu’er tea) Chen Hua.

Proposal: Iron canister, stannum canister belong to metal can, as a result of oily be soiled is contained when making, the proposal is washed clean thoroughly, air.

3, terrine

Suit saved tea: Black tea kind, black tea kind.

Tea has been installed with what jar

Advantage: Breathe freely, low-cost.

Defect: Brittle, occupy a space.

Proposal: Had better not choose wall glaze, because wall has glair,go against breathe freely. Processing technique and violet arenaceous canister are identical.

4, porcelain canister

Suit saved tea: Green tea, green tea, yellow tea.

Advantage: Modelling beautiful, style elegant, sealing is good, last, environmental protection. To depositing a few tea it is a right choice.

Defect: Brittle, price wall of taller, canister is easy form condenser water. Sealed1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Go against the Chen Hua of late ferment tea.

Proposal: Porcelain canister contains balata sealing ring commonly, do not insolate below the sun directly, lest balata encircles ageing. Clean clean with water commonly, if have the word of oily be soiled,wash clean with the essence that wash clean can, put in airing of shady and cool place next.

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5, plastic canister

Suit saved tea: The black tea besides late ferment kind, other tea all but, do not suit to save tea for a long time.

Advantage: Sealing is good, carry convenient, low-cost, suit short-term deposit.

Defect: Contain plastic ingredient, peculiar smell arises in the meeting below the action of sealed, temperature.

Proposal: Main consideration tea deposits the accident of deadline, short-term criterion but, do not recommend for a long time.

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