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Leek colza is the seed of leek actually, the likelihood has a lot of friends not much to its understanding, the model that joins it even had not seen. Leek colza has a lot of profit to human body, the formula that can be used at the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is tie-in, also can use at bubble wine to use. Wine of leek colza bubble is drinkable have a lot of profit, for instance filling kidney shrinks genu of kidney of make water, filling liver, warm waist is waited a moment.

What does effect of wine of leek colza bubble have? Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The effect of wine of leek seed bubble and action

Leek, it is our country Chun Xiazhi border a kind of common season are vegetable, belong to herb of lily division perennial, wait with seed and leaf be used as medicine. Leek although its appearance not raise, however effect is extraordinary, it has be good at stomach, life-giving, stop sweat, the effect such as astringent or styptic treatment for spontaneous sweating. In the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, somebody calls leek ” the grass that wash bowel ” , not onlyFall in love with the sea

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Such, leek still has a lot of names. Leek still calls careless bell breast, grass having this world, immortal grass, weigh flat dish again. The history that leek is used as medicine is OK period of the Warring States of restrospect to age. Leek adaptability is strong, fight cold heat-resisting, countrywide each district has everywhere help advance somebody’s career. Southern not little region can be produced all the year round, on northward winter ground1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Although the part is withered dead, subterranean ministry enters dormancy, the bud after surface soil defrost produces spring long.

What does effect of wine of leek colza bubble have?

Leek seed is the seed with dry and mature leek. Leek seed is used as medicine the earliest out ” renown cure is not recorded ” , basically use at liver kidney lack, kidney deficiency of yang declines of be caused by impotent, the disease such as lumbar genu aching and limp. Leek seed has filling liver kidney, warm waist genu, strong the function of kidney this world. But single ingredient is used, or with Tu silkShanghai night net

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Child, filling bone fat, excessive sheep leaveses of pulse plants wait for filling kidney Zhuang Yangzhi to taste apply jointly. Use at kidney to enrage notForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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The seminal emission of solid be caused by, frequent micturition, enuresis, morbid Qing Dynasty is rare. Leek seed still has filling kidney lukewarm this world, solid essence shrinks uric effect, be like ” your daughter wants square ” sheet uses this tasting to grind end or the bolus that make honey is taken, advocate morbid of seminal emission of the empty that treat kidney. Also constant with keel, dodder conpatibility of medicines, be like ” Dan Taiyu case ” 4 clever bolus. ” home of family name of the Kingdom of Wei hides square ” fill with leek seed conpatibility of medicines bone fat, the filling kidney such as beneficial Zhi Ren shrinks uric medicine, treat kidney and cystic theory cold, pee frequency.

What does effect of wine of leek colza bubble have?

Wine of leek seed bubble should spend liquor with how much appropriate

The liquor of tallish degree more the bacterium that kills leek seed easily and bacteria. What the water in leek seed divides is oozy also meet attenuant wine precision, and as the elapse that deposits time, the degree of wine can drop, wine precision is too low, store the look pledges changeably for long. Because of this leekA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Colza bubble wine 60 degrees high grade pure food alcoholic drink is optimal.

Recipe of wine of leek seed bubble

Material: 3 jins of superior liquor (had better be) of alcohol of high pure grain, leek seed 100-150 captures a way: Leek seed is fried ripe, put into liquor, sealed bubble makes 7 days can drinkable.

Effect: Filling kidney Zhuang Yang, solid essence stops involuntary discharge of urine, warm stomach be good at lienal. The impotent, premature ejaculation that applies to be caused by of lienal kidney deficiency of yang. Usage: Meal hind takes 10~20ml

Attention: What leek seed cannot put is too much, to body empty person easy get angry.

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