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” corpse world war ” join Japanese Tokyo map head hair expands 4 paragraphic

Dozen of corpse game of next month put on sale, molopolize besides PS4 ” former days no longer ” , still the film adapts homonymic play ” corpse world war ” . This game general on April 16 put on sale, land PS4, Xbox One, PC (Epic store) , support simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. ” corpse world war ” interact by Saber use development of oneself engi上海同城对对碰交友社区

ne Swarm Engine, game setting spreads all o上海千花网

ver world each district. Besides already affirmatory United States new York, russia Moscow, outside Jerusalem and other places, the government still announced a new map now: Japanese Tokyo. Game is premonitory:
Interact according to Saber, they decide to comply with the feedback of ve上海千花社区

rmicelli made from bean starch, 4 are extended when noumenon g爱上海同城

ame head is sent paragraphic, 11 an outpost of the tax office. Japanese Tokyo is paragraphic first will have 2 jobs when hair, before long the government can roll out task of a free award after put on sale. “Be in Japanese Tokyo, funeral cadaver group the street that will pass stricture, concentrated urban forest assaults survival people, force the player for a time seaside of fall back on. ” ” corpse world war ” basically be with 4 people collaboration defies the force with which sth breaks out is fierce fierce funeral cadaver group, offerred a kind with PvPvZ brand-new and distinctive play a way, have rich competitive pattern, make players OK be challenged in the battle mode of 4V4, be born with dead between who can be become survive the conqueror that come down. ” corpse world war ” PvPvZ mode, with its the biggest distinction of his many person game depends on funeral cadaver mad tide. It can be in whole game destroy field, force players to defy with funeral cadaver in mutual battle, let ten t上海千花网交友

housand changes in the twinkling of an eye of campaign trend of events. ” corpse world war ” will roll out the following mode of much person game: ? Mode of foray of glean and collect scraps: Does the player contend for the resource on the map to win in order to win? Vaccine contends for mode: The player must be obtained and guarding win for the group take int上海千花网论坛

egral. ? Cadaver tide dies suddenly mode: Two teams spell a remnant covey to survive in hassle. ? Cadaver tide is regnant mode: In capture the area gets integral to win a victory for the group. ? The king mode of hill: Capture a hill, next the palm accuses it to surpass interest check the number in order to obtain. Video cut pursues:

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