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[your body physical ability bears such high temperature] –

Article introduction

Below the indoor high temperature of 38 ℃ , adjust breath, adjust heartbeat, adjust temperature, drawing body, accelerate haemal circulation, heat gemShanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
Gal drills so namely.

Below the high temperature of 38 Celsius, adjusting breath have certain difficulty, should not say ground of kubla khah dripping wet makes the motion with this kind of taller difficulty more.

Close quarters seeks the secret of heat gem gal

Field: Inside field capacious and bright, compound wood floor is bright and clean level off, laid of heat addition equipmentLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum
Concealment quite, look suddenly under, room of heat gem gal and the normal temperature next door gem gal room almost exactly like.

Temperature: Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

Forum of Shanghai night net
Lock of indoor door window, temperature already achieved 38 Celsius, similar sauna bathroom. After about 30 minutes, face and articulatory place begin extensive red, breath is a little difficult, sweat is many and gushing. Abecedarian had better approach door limit, when feeling unwell, breathe freely at any time, and ceaseless and compensatory water is divided.

Difficulty: Because most member is abecedarian, in time of 90 minutes, the coach taught ten among them motions only. Behavioral difficulty appears and not quite big. But harmonious to balancing ability, hands or feet ability is poorer, the person that lacks motion at ordinary timesForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
, leave1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area
Only then when study, some movements cannot one pace reachs the designated position.

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