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[quickening is boy girl more night] – of probability of _ of night of _ quickening much _

Article introduction

Pregnant woman is in the later period in be pregnant when be can experience apparently fetal inside abdomen of the activity, somebody can judge abdomen according to circumstance of pregnant woman quickening inside fetal sexual distinction, because conceive the boy and the reaction that conceive body of girl pregnant woman,be different, but no matter the boy still is the girl, it is the future of a family, can bring joyous sound to laugh to this family language, so is quickening the boy or girl more night?

Quickening is boy girl more night

Quickening gives birth to the boy often to give birth to the girl in the evening

Quickening can be not judged be born schoolboy daughter, quickening itself is not of the rule, and mix in the morning night is fetal of more active time, have nothing to do with sexual distinction.

Give birth to schoolboy daughter early known unripe schoolboy female feature

Symptom 1: The abdomen from pregnant woman will judge a symptom. The abdomen of pregnant woman pointed protruding, abdomen of; of meeting bosom boy perfectly round, conceive the girl.

Symptom 2: Observe pregnant woman appearance and cutaneous change. If the appearance of pregnant woman becomes beautiful, the skin becomes smooth, the likelihood conceives girl; conversely, appearance becomes ugly, the skin becomes coarse, even the symptom such as whelk of the overgrow on the face, conceive the boy possibly, this is the conceives boy girl symptom that often treats quite.

Symptom 3: The taste of pregnant woman is changed. Somebody thinks pregnant woman taste if with before the embryo is different, conceive boy girl to also can be changed.

Quickening is boy girl more night

Symptom 4: The speed of fetal heart loses by force. Think fetal heart is stronger commonly slower word, fetal the possibility that is the boy is larger; is bosom girl conversely (the more general semiotic method) that guesses bosom boy girl.

Symptom 5: Conceive the food of the boy that eats oneself suddenly to love at ordinary times. The protein amount that the pregnant woman place that conceives male embryo absorbs compares the pregnant woman tower above that conceives female embryo on average 8% , absorbed carbohydrate tower above 9% , tallow fat tower above 11% , the plant is adipose tower above 15% . The pregnant woman that conceives male embryo eats the food below inside pregnancy when the quantity is not pregnant than her, get greatly much, but they are not to appear eat different or eccentric alimentalSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Symptom, eat what she loves at ordinary times suddenly to feed howeverFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Symptom 6: Ketone of Bao of hormone of male of excretive of bolus of male embryo Bao , gave out a kind to mom ” must eat ” signal, make mom’s appetite soars. In addition, although conceive maleLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Fetal mother can yield heavier baby, but the pregnant woman of not as female as the bosom embryo weighs the weight that during they are pregnant, itself adds, it is thus clear that fetal sexual distinction does not affect maternal weight.

Quickening is boy girl more night

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Judgement gives birth to the method of schoolboy daughter

1, let B exceed sheet to tell the sexual distinction of darling

Although B exceeds a doctor to won’t tell fetal it is male beA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Female, nevertheless, the old person says, give birth to schoolboy daughter, early has finalized the design, e.g. , the boy is pregnant is long before two months model, the girl is ellipse or it is round model, have so so a method, do not know but with seeing so whether can early knowing is the boy or the girl: Exceed from B namely look on sheet. Exceed sheet to view darling sex from B1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Other and specific means is:

One of: View data, if grow,be in with wide discrepancy possibility of male darling of one times above is large. Grow and possibility of wide equal female darling is large.

Secondly: See figure, those who resemble aubergine or long strip is male darling possibility big, of round circle is female darling possibility big.

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