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Article introduction

The reason of temporal occurrence birthmark has a lot of, for instance environmental reason is caused, if contaminative congress of the environment is right body harm is great, birthmark appears likely, returning a likelihood is caused, human body needs complement everyday all sorts of enough microelement, resemble iron element, zinc, still magnesium waits is complex of pigment of meeting influence human body, what reason is temporal birthmark? Next we look.

What reason is temporal birthmark?

One. What reason is temporal birthmark?

1, environmental element: Cause one of main factors of birthmark. Human body is after the effect that pollutes an environment by the outside, itself can present different expressional method, and birthmark is a kind namely.

2, nutrient element: Because human body lacks certain nutrient material to be like the microelement such as calcic, iron, zinc, magnesium and benzene third acid of ammonia of ammoniac acid, cheese, affect process of pigment complex biochemistry simply, cause pigment cell to excrete pigment abnormality to increase next, and adopt a look come via conducting cuticular, progressively and outspread and, can form birthmark.

3, genetic element: Without the scientific basis of authentic. Of the chromosome in also biology scholar thinks the element of compose cause of formation of birthmark is human evolution change suddenly, adopt genetic system then nowadays on the person’s skin.

What reason is temporal birthmark?

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How is acupuncture point birthmark treated?

The birthmark cure idea with better public praise of nowadays contrast be current is laser treatment. CarryFall in love with the sea

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Using laser treatment is the cure method of the birthmark that sees at most. Laser cure law is consumed to different colour object choose sexual smooth fuel factor, the laser that uses different wavelengh chooses the melanin cell in skin of sexual action Yu Zhen, below the phenomenon that does not damage other skin is arranged, make place of pigment pathological changes is damaged by smooth heating power, eradicate melanin next. Skin laserFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Before pervading, burn with report except red birthmark most, refrigerant method, ask birthmark austerelyLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Need excision of make sb the first aim of attack, fill again skin, leave scar simply nevertheless. With pigment spot laser can choose sexual ground pigment nowadays, dye laser can be aimed at hemal focus of a disease, cure hind also won’t leave scar, consequently, laser already became cure red birthmark to choose best.

What reason is temporal birthmark?

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About the area not big red birthmark is to be able to pass laser cure to come useful improve and even of complete take out. Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The process of red birthmark of laser take out is quick and concise, the distress that the person that and give beg the United States brings is little, security has relatively assure, it is the method of the cure red birthmark that eye comes round to say comparative aspiration.

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