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Have a fever to wanted to ate antipyretic to perhaps hit needle of allay a fever only can heal, some people are after taking medicine, thermal drop came down but before long temperature can rise time again, everyday _ of dusk low fever everyday in the evening low feverShanghai night net

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How should do? Normally the body has a fever is caused, if everyday every time paragraph if the body can have a fever, it is kidney empty likely, will specificly understand fall.

 Everyday dusk low fever

One kind has a fever, it has an apparent characteristic, compare time keeping namely, not early not late, be in commonly towards evening 56 bits1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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When punctual show a body (accompany backache having a small of the back, whole body possibly still the semiotic) such as night sweat of lack of power, seminal emission, after sleeping to in the evening slowly retire. Measure temperature in the morning the following day, everything is normal, so some traditional Chinese medical sciences say when to its are the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches, have a fever.

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But, why some people can time the hospital is in everyday this time paragraph have a fever, this what kind of secret to hide after all inside this?

 Everyday dusk low fever

According to the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine child midday disgorge is academic, when enraging classics of hematic disgorge kidney at 56 o’clock just about towards evening, in this time regularity the ground has a fever, concern with kidney more commonly, kidney empty (basically be) of kidney deficiency of yin with irritability, blood of gas of kidney sort out is become flourishing, have a fever then, call kidney empty again consequently model have a fever.

In daily life, it is easy to have 4 kinds of people occurrence kidney empty have a fever: It is grow kidney function as the age also subsequently the old people that consenescence drops, especially constitution very poor or often fall illFall in love with the sea

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old people, kidney empty often more serious; 2 it is every Nature’s engineering makes time long, strength is great, the person of long-term exhaustion. The person that include brainworker and physical labor, overdraw physical strength has a deficit with respect to easy kidney; 3 it is the husband and wife that just married, bad news essence hurts kidney, soSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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; of easy kidney empty the 4 children that are adolescence, basically be the boy, deficiency of yin with irritability of meeting occurrence kidney, cause have a fever.

In study forefathers cure case is mixed the discovery after summing up clinical practice, kidney empty having a fever is low fever commonly. But low fever is not to say the problem is lax heavy or the earlier; that is disease is contrary, low fever, especially the expression that long-term low fever is kidney gas big injury, cost of demonstrative gas anaemia has matched serious.

 Everyday dusk low fever

Human body has a fever is the process that the healthy atmosphere inside body and evil influence make a fight actually, high fever explains airframe gas blood is very enough still, fighting capacity is very strong still, the war of both sides of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease undertakes blood is not worth if airframe has been enraged,getting very intense; , constitution very empty, xu Xie is filled, strength wide gap, war of resistance against aggression of healthy atmosphere do all one can, also can send low fever only.

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