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[what cannot scar convalescence eat] _ scar resumes _ food and drink – of contraindication of no-no _ food

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If reappear cut when, the seasonable refreshment that has scar of avoid certain food is very fast, and the problem that scar must note dietary respect in resumptive course, also want to notice the bacterium of cut position clears, when because very much bacterium may look in us,be less thanShanghai night net

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Enter cut inside, these bacterial dispute often affect scar to restore, so what cannot scar convalescence eat quite?

What cannot scar convalescence eat

What cannot scar convalescence eat

Dietary avoid is acrimony, include green, garlic, leek, ginger, wine, chili, Chinese prickly ash, peppery, cassia bark, anise, small fennel to wait.

If the patient has pharynx of calorific, constipation, mouthShanghai Long Feng forum

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Dry, guttural gall, tongue is qualitative red dry hot elephant. Have chili, inevitable meeting accentuation heats up an elephant.

The fresh fruit that eats more at ordinary times and vegetable are like green vegetables of carrot, green.

Because the patient is in scar extensiveForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Answer period, can eat a few food that contain vitamin C, food that contains vitamin A more, still have contain dextrose, protein, adipose food, have certain effect to the refreshment of cut and scar.

What cannot scar convalescence eat

Normal scar scar of hyperplasia period, proliferous sex and scar a knot in one’s heart have scar local painful and urticant. Accordingly, should be made clear above all and distinguishing is the scar of what period and what property, what next again specific aim ground treats his to arise is painful and urticant. In 3 months after if the difficulties of scar happens in cut,cicatrizationing, the cut heal after the patient gets hurt before is good, the hyperplasia that is normal scar period, this kind of abhor condition need not grant to treat, perhaps add with medicaments of a few local apply, if go phlogistic Song Shuang, the difficulties after half an year disappears naturally. If scar is protuberant cuticular, painful itch again, ceaseless aggravate develops after 3 months, and pledge hard, color becomes Brown, and scar does not expand outwards grow, also do not have scar hyperplasia before history, this kind of circumstance is proliferous sex scar commonly. Longitudinal1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Proliferous sex scar can use bounce bandage to oppress, and complementary it is OK that with medicationing; adds natural disposition scar badly operation excision, next reuse bounce bandage is oppressive complementary in order to medication, it is commonly after 1 year the symptom is OK proper motion subsidise.

What cannot scar convalescence eat

Fastening film to add nephritis of spherule of natural disposition kidney is a kind of common pathologyShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Type, divide hyperplasia of the light, medium, heavy film that spend a department. Light in hyperplasia of the film that spend a department is sensitive to hormone, hyperplasia of the heavy film that spend a department is not sensitive. Western medicine is mixed besides hormone outside be being treated to disease, without tweak. Especially to a few albumen or occult blood. Although hormone is sensitive, be in remove it is very easy also to reduce a process recrudesce

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