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[menstrual hind is alvine object bilge] _ is alvine object bilge how does the _ after _ period passes treat –

Article introduction

A few females are in after menstruation, always can feel alvine a few drop bilge feeling, this is a kind of very normal expression, because of classics of female forthcoming month when, uterine wall of the female can fall off a few cells that this moment falls off are met outside the body of classics blood eduction as the female, in the process of eduction small pay, the likelihood can have a few small small straining, private parts also can feel object bilge painful, so is menstrual hind alvine object bilge how should do?

 Menstrual hind is alvine object bilge
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Shanghai noble baby

1, period hygiene

If often appear before classics alvine object bilge, after menstruation comes, the symptom still cannot alleviate, so this part female should do good menses health care, if notice clean sanitation, prevent bacterial infection to wait. The attention is reasonable at the same time rest, make sure enough sleep; notices heat preservation, avoid food of; of catch cold catch cold delicate, pay attention to nutrition, eat tepid food more, eat cold cool, excitant food less.

2, psychological management method

Celiac dropping appears to bilge between period as bad as the mood to have very big concern. If menses is angry or the mood is depressed may appear abdominal distension. Remind a woman, menses must have managed undesirable mood, timely loosen. Should understand menses at the same time alvine dropping to bilge and spend lumbar acid gently is normal phenomenon, not necessary worry too too.

3, hot compress therapeutics

Hot compress therapeutics can alleviate effectively abdominal distension symptom, be in especially alvine and local object the effect of the hot compress below distensible circumstance more apparent. SquareA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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The way is very simple, need to put towel in hot water to soak only, pigheaded after working, put in abdominal distension place to undertake hot compress can, also can use warm darling or hot waterForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Bag replace.

 Menstrual hind is alvine object bilge

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The gender is alvine drop distensible reason

Menstruation is not moved bring about

Forum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby

Menstruation does not move what what bring about to issue celiac dropping to bilge the problem is the commonnest, partial female is in menstrual weekForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area
Period inside can have ache issueing an abdomen, whole body unwell the problem that wait, ache still can appear if the case is severe serious.

The female that is in adolescence is the dysmenorrhoea issue that sends a gender formerly mostly, it is OK of self-healing. Regular dysmenorrhoea problem is likely cause by other disease, for example uterine disease.

 Menstrual hind is alvine object bilge

Tumor is brought about

Tumor can cause bellyacke, abdominal distension, lumbago and straining feeling, general situation exists continuously, won’t disappear suddenly.

Additional, if tumor happened,turn round, burst. The word of the circumstance of haemorrhage, can cause the abdominal pain of abrupt sex, seasonable operation is treated.

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