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Article introduction

Beef yam tomato this 3 person it is commonner feed capable person, this 3 person canSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Part make it a variety of delicate food, also can put edible together, suggest so the practice of beef yam tomato. The practice of beef yam tomato is to use beef to stew tomato, next rejoin yam stews ten minutes, such ability won’t be brought aboutForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
The time of Bao soup is too long cause yam to boil sodden circumstance, everybody can learn its way.

The practice of beef yam tomato

Does beef stew persimmon to be able to put yam

Beef stews persimmon to be able to put yam.

Beef tomato stews the practice of yam: Sirlon cuts small, abluent, cold water leaves boiler, 3 minutes are boiled after water leaves, fish out reserves. Right amount oil is put in boiler, put green ginger, dry chili of aniseed Chinese prickly ash explodes boiler, explode sweet hind put beef to break up fry 1 ~ 2 minutes, join unripe smoke, often smoke, cooking wine, fry divide evenlyShanghai noble baby

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, add boiled water, after conflagration is stewed, small fire is slow in turning stew 1 hour. Tomato irons ripe flay, stripping and slicing, yam, carrot, onion is abluent stripping and slicing, leave boiler, add salt of one small spoon, rock candy, ketchup, continue to stew half hours, give boiler. Condiment but him basis taste is right amount add decrease.

The practice of beef yam tomato

Take the matter that persimmon should notice

, hollow cannot eat persimmon

Because persimmon contains more tannic acid,reach pectic, in hollow affectionLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
Besides the nugget that next their meetings form size to differ below the action of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, if these nugget cannot pass pylorus to arrive at small intestine, can stop to form gastric persimmon stone in the stomach. Small gastric persimmon stone is like apricot nucleus at first, but can accumulate more more big. If gastric persimmon stone cannot natural by eduction, can create enteron block so, occurrence epigastrium is acutenessForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Aching, vomiting, even the symptom such as haematemesis, ever discovered the gastric persimmon stone that is like fist greatly in the operation. If stomach ” know how things stand and feel confident of handling them ” if, with respect to the formation that can avoid gastric persimmon stone.

2, control eats every time measure

The tannic acid in persimmon medium calcium, zinc, as can magnesian as food, iron mineral form the compound that cannot be absorbed by human body, make these nutriment cannot be used, eat persimmon to cause these mineral shortage easily more so. Because persimmon is medium,contain sugar again more, so people has persimmon to compare the apple that takes similar measure, pear to have full abdomen feeling more, can affect appetite thereby, decrease to be absorbed prandially. Think commonly, below the circumstance with hollow blame, it is advisable to eat persimmon to be overcome with exceeding 200 every time.

The practice of beef yam tomato

3, after eating should gargle

Persimmon contains sugar tall, and contain pectic, there always is one part to stay in oral cavity after eating persimmon, it is especially in slit between the teeth, add the tannic acid of weak acidity, cause very easily to the tooth erode, form dental caries, the appropriate after eating persimmon so drinks a few water, or seasonable gargle. Now in the market a few look veryForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Inviting, Gong Gong’s persimmon, but taste sweet not at all, they are probable use hormone accelerate the ripening. Because be distinguished very hard from appearance, suggest you are preemptive so one is tasted, decide to whether need to buy more again.

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